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Hydrothermal synthesis reactor

1.Using high-quality 0Cr18Ni9Ti nonmagnetic stainless steel and refined processing.
2.The kettle body and the cover are sealed by a durable and reliable sealing structure, long-term stable without leakage.
3.nner uses complete PTFE material, excellent acid resistance and alkali resistance.
4.4.Beautiful shape, reasonable structure and easy to operation

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 HZ series Hydrothermal synthesis reactor is used in catalysis, crystal, polymer and other experiments, it adopts the external heating mode, in order to reduce the size and be suitable for several reaction kettles working at the same time and same reaction temperature (for example, put several reactors inside the oven for heating),special models can be customized.

HZ series hydrothermal synthesis reactor is used to make new synthetic chemicals under a certain temperature and pressure. It is widely used in new materials, energy, environmental engineering and other fields of scientific research and experiments, it is a small commonly used reactor used in teaching and scientific research.


 Main Technical Details:
(1) Working Temperature: ≤230°C (Safe temperature of 200℃)

 Can customize 260℃ liner as your requirements.

(2) Working Pressure: ≤3MPa (Pressure Gauge)

(3) Heating and Cooling Rate: ≤5°C/min

(4) Specification: 25ML, 50ML, 100ML, 150ML, 200ML, 250ML, 300ML500ml    

 1000ml. Also we can offer customized size according to user's needs.

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